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Application status of expanded graphite
- Jul 30, 2016 -

Field of environmental protection

Expanded graphite are hydrophobic and Pro-oily, you can selectively remove non-aqueous solution in water, such as remove oil from the sea, rivers, lakes. Expanded graphite in the oil to form a winding space can store much larger than the total pore volume of oily substances. Adsorption of a large number of oil can be assembled into blocks floating on the liquid surface, and facilitate the collection and recycling, recycling. Because graphite is made of pure carbon, nontoxic and chemically inert, so will not cause secondary pollution in the water. In addition, the expanded graphite can be used for industrial wastewater emulsion oil and remove oil-soluble substances, such as pesticides, and many other organic or inorganic adsorption of harmful components have a good effect. In addition to the liquid phase selective adsorption, expanded graphite on industrial emissions and automobile exhaust air pollution generated by components such as SOx and NOx removal effects.

Sealing materials

Expanded graphite can be used in reprocessing of flexible graphite sealing materials. And traditional sealed material (as asbestos, and rubber, and cellulose and composite) compared, flexible graphite available temperature range more wide, in air in the available range in-200 ℃-450 ℃, in vacuum or restore sex atmosphere in the can to 3,000 ℃, and hot expansion coefficient small, in low temperature Xia not sent crisp, and not burst, in high temperature Xia not softening, and not creep variable, thus was dubbed "sealed King" of reputation, currently has widely application Yu oil chemical, and mechanical, and metallurgical, and atomic energy, industry.

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