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Expandable Graphite
- Jul 30, 2016 -

Novel halogen-free flame retardant expandable graphite

Expandable graphite in recent years, the emergence of a new type of halogen-free flame retardant. It is made from natural graphite sulfuric acid treatment, then washed, filtered and dried, and then in 900~1000. C under the expanded system. Expanded the initial temperature for expandable graphite ...

Expanded graphite sheet

Expanded graphite sheet of expanded graphite and flexible graphite, also known, is a high quality Flake graphite by chemical treatment, heat exchanger expansion modification form. Can be machined into various seal products. It not only maintained the original excellent chemical properties of natural graphite, and ...

Application of expanded graphite

Can be found from existing literature, graphite is a good adsorbent, especially since it has a porous structure, has strong adsorption capacity for organic compounds, 1g 80g oil adsorption of expanded graphite and graphite ...

Graphite thermal expansion

Graphite thermal expansion (themlal expansion of graphite materials) of constant pressure ... Highly oriented pyrolytic graphite, which almost no structural defects of the graphite flakes can be considered to be single crystal graphite ...