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Expandable Graphite What Are The Superior Properties Of Expandable Graphite Products
- May 24, 2017 -

 Expandable Graphite What are the superior properties of expandable graphite products? In recent years, expandable graphite rods, expandable graphite electrodes, expandable graphite molds and other expandable graphite products are increasingly widely used, thanks to the superior performance of expandable graphite. Here, let's take a look at the superior performance of the expandable graphite products.

  1, expandable graphite products have a good adsorption.

  Carbon void structure has a very good adsorption of carbon, so often used as adsorbent material, for adsorption of water, odor, toxic substances. We have done experiments, barbecue used expansible graphite baking pan looks very clean, but put on the induction cooker heating, will see the last barbecue when the adsorption of fat and harmful substances will slowly exudate, but do not worry, Clean paper can be wiped clean.

  2, expandable graphite products with good thermal conductivity, heat transfer fast, heat evenly, saving fuel.

  Expandable Graphite With the expansion of graphite made of baking pan, pot and other heating fast, and the burning of food heat evenly cooked from the inside out, heating time is short, not only pure taste, but also to lock the food of the original nutrients. We have done experiments, with the expansive graphite baking barbecue, the beginning of the induction cooker hit the fire, only 20-30 seconds will be able to preheat, start baking food as long as playing on a small fire can be, the use of energy conservation.

  3, expandable graphite products with chemical stability and erosion resistance.

  Expandable graphite at room temperature has good chemical stability, without any strong acid, alkali and organic solvent erosion. Therefore, the expansion of graphite products even if the long-term use of wear and tear is very small, as long as wipe clean as new.

  4, expandable graphite products with a strong anti-oxidation and reduction effect.

  Products, especially expansive graphite mattresses can produce negative oxygen ions, so that the surrounding items of activity, to maintain human health, effective prevention of aging, the skin is full of luster and elasticity.

  5, expandable graphite products environmental health, no radioactive pollution, high temperature.

  Expandable Graphite Carbon in the 2000-3300 degrees high temperature environment after at least a dozen day and night of the ductile graphitization process can become expandable graphite, therefore, expandable graphite toxic and hazardous substances has long been exhausted, at least 2000 degrees is stable.