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Spherical Graphite
- Jul 30, 2016 -

The growth of spheroidal graphite
After the formation of spheroidal graphite of spheroidal graphite core, immediately into the growth process of carbon atoms started piling on the core base. Graphite resulting shapes depend on growth affected by process conditions. Therefore, graphite growth process control is the key to spheroidal graphite. Figure 1 carbon and Silicon in liquid iron concentration of uneven ...

Nucleation of spheroidal graphite
Nucleation of spheroidal graphite formation of spheroidal graphite nucleation and growth phases, which is the primary nodule formation process of nucleation. Each nodule centre there is a inclusion particles or complex mixed core shapes, sizes between 0.5~3 μ m, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 core a spheroidal graphite) inclusions in a single b) inclusions in composite ...

Nucleation of spheroidal graphite material
Nucleation of spheroidal graphite material liquid iron during melting and subsequent balls, produces large amounts of non-metallic inclusions in inoculation, born very small inclusions, then pouring, filling, solidification process of colliding, aggregation becomes large, floating or sinking, became the core of graphite precipitates. Graphite graphite nuclear matter, sulfides, oxides, carbides, nitrides, metal ...